Animal crossing: new horizons Happy home paradise allows players to take a break from their carefully curated island by Nook to work as a Resort Developer with Vacation Home Company Paradise Planning. The players take it upon themselves to design vacation homes for the villagers of their choice.

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The DLC allows players more creative freedom with improved design tools, new items, and an array of themes suggested by villagers on what they would like their dream house theme to look like. Each theme unlocks a new variety of items, and each customer has a unique vision. Some of the requests range from tearooms, cafes, gourmet themed restaurants, and arcades, while others are a bit weirder.

ten A forest surrounded by mushrooms

Alli Animal Crossing

Alli is an arrogant alligator villager who has appeared in every Animal Crossing to date. In the DLC, she wants to relax in a forest surrounded by mushrooms. And while there are plenty of mushrooms to pick in the forest, there are a few magical ones that could make his vacation home a bit out of this world.

9 Operate heavy machinery … safely

Boyd Animal Crossing

Boyd is a cranky gorilla villager who wants to work with heavy equipment safely. Seems pretty easy when you think of heavy equipment in terms of weight and barbell. However, Boyd has other plans in his Heavy Duty Safety Zone vacation home.

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He needs a shovel, a bulldozer and a road roller in his perfectly designed dream house. And while the player can add construction panels, a ground safety cone, and a wall hard hat, who can say they’ll actually use them? There is always the option to put the hat directly on your head or skate around the requirements and place heavy machinery outside. But where’s the fun in that?

8 Run freely

Butch Animal Crossing

Butch is a dog villager whose home village claim is a dog run for a running dog. And with the minimal requirements of a few small items, it’s easy for the player to create a spacious open space where Butch can literally stand and drink coffee. Since the villagers of Happy Home Paradise don’t interact the same way they did on the original island, it’s hard to imagine the frowning Butch doing anything else in his plaid vest. However, given the opportunity, maybe the change of pace will help him let go.

seven Secret research lab

Cobb Animal Crossing

Cobb’s request isn’t just for a lab for his secret research, but rather a whole new one. This begs the question of what happened to his old one? The player can take creative liberties with the covert research Cobb can do with his modest requirements of a lab set and an oil lab. It is the petroleum laboratory which refers to the idea of ​​a new laboratory, insinuating the destruction of an old one. Cobb’s Secret Research Lab may be more focused on storytelling regarding where the player places it. Perhaps on one of the small islands off the coast … on rocky terrain … far from other villagers and vacation homes.

6 Never too many toilets

Lionel animal crossing

Lion villager, Lionel enjoys living by the vacation home philosophy that “you can never have too many bathrooms when you have company.” Her toilet refuge calls not only for several toilets, but also for a variety of them. From tankless to standing, he has an option for every guest the smug villager hopes to receive in his vacation home. Whether the player decides to offer each guest their own bathroom or make an entrance by raising the toilet seat covers is entirely up to their creative integrity.

5 The piggy bank

Gala animal crossing

Gala is a lovable, normal pig villager who thinks it would be fun to stay in a bank and protect his assets. She wants a bank for everyone with a reception desk so everyone can withdraw funds of all kinds – from bells to poki.

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Players can create a bank reception area and safe with the added charm of a piggy bank item, and Gala as a security or cashier. Others may choose the path of making Gala the piggy bank and the most coveted asset.

4 The shapes of numbers

Egbert animal crossing

The dark circles under lazy Egbert’s eyes and his dazed expression make the Chicken Villager look exhausted. According to his e-Reader card profile, he acts more like a night owl. However, since it is a rooster, it must be up at dawn to crow. Lack of sleep would help explain his thinking that number shapes are cool. And the only element required to make his vacation home a reality is the color wheel in the variation of the colored numbers.

3 Keep waiting

Brofina Animal Crossing

The Anticipation Station is the idea of ​​Broffina, an arrogant chicken villager, of a dream vacation home. She wants to stay in the moment of waiting for someone to arrive. For example, the anxiety-provoking moment of checking the time, rhythm, and replaying messages to make sure you’re in the right place, on the right date, at the right time. His dream of a vacation home, with a mandatory public bench and a steel trash can, probably refers to the Happy home designer asks for housing that shouts, “she lives in a bus station”.

2 Nights spent in empty land

Renee Animal Crossing

Big village rhino sister, Renée must absolutely have a backstory to accompany her request for a vacation home. A totally blank slate with a utility pole, a cruising bike and a fence for her to remember “the time she misses hanging around in empty land.”

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It’s hard not to give her a bad girl story who has turned a new leaf trying to be the prominent sister of the village. Although she gives the player advice and medication when stung by a bee, her slogan “reckless youth makes age sad” adds to the tale.

1 Showers in changing rooms

Buck Animal Crossing

According to his thought bubble, Buck the jock horse villager wants a vacation home that mirrors a locker room. While the player can add a weight room and training area that the competition horse will love, the client is very specific when requesting a changing room. The shower enclosure, vertical locker and the required bench really explain his vision. Buck’s request for this particular room is a bit odd, but there’s always the option of adding enough towels and bathrobes for each guest.

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