DOYLESTOWN, PA – Fonthill Castle, with the help of State Senator Steve Santarsiero (D-10), secured a state grant to fund the development of a master plan for site improvements of the historic property and its more than 60 acres of woodland, amplifying Henry Mercer’s lasting legacy in Bucks County.

Built between 1908 and 1912, Fonthill Castle is located in the heart of Bucks County and was the home of Henry Mercer and served as both home and showcase for his collection of tiles and prints. Today, Fonthill Castle functions as a historic house museum and community cultural gathering place operated by the Bucks County Historical Society.

The $200,000 state grant includes a comprehensive and vital site survey of the entire property, including woods, waterways, vehicular and pedestrian access, and environmental studies of the natural flora and fauna, to improve access and use of the community for residents and visitors.

“The Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle are real treasures that we are blessed to have here in Doylestown, encompassing a diverse and fascinating collection of art, history and culture,” said Senator Santarsiero. ‘What many people don’t realize is that Henry Mercer also cared deeply for the nature surrounding the buildings, which includes an extensive network of footpaths on the extensive grounds of Fonthill Castle. I am excited to see how the Bucks County Historical Society will improve the property to make the Fonthill Castle property more accessible to the community and visitors.

“The Bucks County Historical Society is grateful for this opportunity to enhance the more than 60 acres of Fonthill Castle in the heart of Doylestown,” said Kyle McKoy, President and CEO. “Funding through the support of Senator Santarsiero allows us to build on Henry Mercer’s mission to preserve and study forests, grasslands, and native bird and animal sanctuaries for the enjoyment of all community.”