WAPELLO — Although few details were provided, Wapello Mayor Shawn Maine reported during Thursday’s city council meeting that a grocery store may be coming to the community.

Maine said it was contacted Tuesday about the possibility and is already working with a company representative to identify possible locations.

“It’s moving pretty quickly and he’s indicated that if things work fast enough, in nine months it could happen,” Maine said, adding that means the store could be up and running by then.

He declined to provide more information, reminding the council that residents have taken this route before, but were disappointed when no grocery store opened.

Wapello has been grocery-free since November 2018, when the Jack and Jill Store closed.

City officials tried to recruit a replacement, but were unsuccessful.

However, that effort led to the construction and opening earlier this year of a Dollar Tree/Family Dollar store at the former Jack and Jill location on Highway 61.

Maine said after the board meeting, the potential developer indicated that his company was planning a full-service store.

“Basically way more than we have,” Maine said, adding that he would keep the board updated on developments.

The Board, as it has done in past meetings, continued to discuss repair progress on 308/310 Van Buren and 312 Van Buren.

The buildings are owned by Dean Jensen, who was cited by the city for maintaining an unsafe building.

Although Jensen has made some repairs, more work remains and the city pushed Jensen to complete it.

At Thursday’s meeting, council member Brett Shafer said a contractor Jensen plans to use for the additional work was contacted but apparently was unable to meet with Jensen due to work demands. .

Maine said residents are wondering why work isn’t progressing and it will continue to search for answers.

The board also:

  • Agreed to water bill settlement with Chad and Karie Warnstaff, 932 Mill;
  • Approved several funds transfer resolutions;
  • Approved final acceptance of the 2021 Water Tower painting project and released final payment of $9,600;
  • Accepted a $12,140 bid from Odessa Mechanical for a new geothermal heat pump for the Wapello Community Ambulance Barn;
  • Approved two zoning changes, which will reclassify two lots on Kennedy Drive from R1 to B2; and two lots between Buchanan and Townsend and west of Highway 61 from I1 to B2;

The council also agreed to allow Garyth Peck to keep a skunk on his property at 426 N. Main.

Peck must provide vaccination papers and also purchase an annual dog license to keep the animal.

Council had also agreed to allow a resident to keep a pet skunk at its February 16, 2017 meeting.