(WGHP) – Jenna Smith describes her experience at the Guilford County Animal Shelter as “life changing”.

A lifelong animal lover, Jenna saw a defeated and desperate dog she couldn’t help, and later found out the dog had been euthanized. After leaving the shelter, she prayed that she could make a difference in the lives of other pets.

Jenna Smith & Rose

His life’s mission has become to help turn North Carolina into a kill-free state and to help improve the lives of pets across the state and beyond.

“I dedicated my group to God – and he went beyond my wildest dreams by showing us how much he cares for these animals.”

Jenna started Foster / Adopt North Carolina on Facebook, a group that now has more than 37,000 members and has worked to find homes for thousands of animals in need.

North Carolina has the third highest shelter euthanasia rate in the country and Jenna wants to change that. His goal is to save animal lives and help turn North Carolina into a kill-free state.

She says her group aims to provide resources and education to the community on things like neutering and neutering, cruelty prevention, and non-judgmental alternatives to shackling and tethering.

They also provide a platform where shelter animals across the state that might otherwise be at risk for euthanasia can be presented in one centralized location, helping to increase their chances of adoption.

Foster / Adopt North Carolina also raises funds for animals in need and helps connect foster families, adopters and carriers with shelters and shelters in their area.

Jenna describes herself as a lifelong animal lover. She currently has two rescue dogs and a ferret, with plans for many more pets in the future. She and her fiancé plan to create a sanctuary for farm animals.

She says she loves all animals and will help any animal that needs her, be it a dog, a cat or even a snake!

She measures her personal impact in a list of last minute cases she has worked on, resulting in one animal being spared from euthanasia. It has “well over a hundred animals” at present.

She also checks in with her group to see how many animals have been adopted or helped that have been found by the group. “The response is always overwhelmingly positive,” she wrote. It’s hard to give exact numbers, but she thinks her group’s impact may have saved thousands of animals by connecting them with foster families or adopters.

But she also measures her success in the kind messages from the community, for which she says she is grateful.

If you want to help Jenna’s mission, you can go to Foster / Adopt North Carolina on Facebook and join the group. If you would like to get involved in your community, you can simply write a Facebook post with your location and group members will suggest resources for your area based on the type of help you would like to offer.

Jenna hopes people will always give pets a chance and never judge a book by its cover. All pets are individuals.

“Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and Dobermans are some of the most amazing dogs you will ever meet, they are so misunderstood and suffer more than any other breed – give them a chance – they will shine!”

She also wants people to remember that it takes any new pet at least three months to really adjust to their new home, so be patient and give your rescue a chance before you write them off. These are not damaged goods. Rescue animals “have a remarkable ability to heal and we can learn a lot from them.”

When she’s not a superwoman rescuing animals, Jenna spoils her own puppies with Chick-Fil-A Puppy Cups and other treats.

Jenna shared several adoptable animals featured by Foster / Adopt North Carolina in the slideshow above, information on where these adorable furry friends can be found can be found in the photo captions.

Some of the organizations featured in the slideshow: Underground Railroad, Fight Chance Ranch & Rescue and Rescue of shepherds in southeastern Germany.