It’s Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday in Michigan this morning!

This week we have Ace, Sunshine and Felix, three of northern Michigan’s many large adoptable pets waiting for a loving family to bring them home.

First, meet Ace. It is an American Staffordshire terrier mix.

Ace is extremely sweet and full of energy.

He would do better in an active family that would help him burn off his playful energy.

Ace is also super smart and loves to learn new things.

This puppy has the potential to live well with other cats and dogs if given the right introduction.

You can meet Ace at Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City.

Then meet Sunshine. He’s a labrador retriever and a mix of husky.

Much like her name, she brightens up any room and is an extremely happy dog.

Sunshine is believed to be two years old.

She has two eyes of different colors. One is blue and the other is brown.

You can find Sunshine at Osceola County Animal Control in Reed City.

Finally, we have a 5 month old cat named Felix.

He is a domestic shorthair and loves to chat.

Felix is ​​also friendly and gentle, and he is neutered.

You can meet Félix at Cadillac County Wexford Animal Shelter.

Tune in to MTM every Tuesday at 5:20 am and 8:50 am for the cutest Northern Michigan pets in search of their own families!

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