It’s Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday in Michigan this morning!

This week we have Diamond, Morgan and Felix, three of northern Michigan’s many large adoptable pets waiting for a loving family to bring them home.

The first is Diamond, a pit bull terrier mix.

She has the housework but needs a little obedience training.

Don’t be fooled by its appearance. She might actually be a kangaroo because she loves to jump.

You can make an appointment to see Diamond at Lake County Animal Control in Baldwin.

Next, we have a domestic shorthair named Morgan.

She recently mothered several kittens who are all gone to their homes forever. Now she’s looking for one for herself.

She’s more of an outdoor cat and loves to do her own thing.

You can meet Morgan by making an appointment with Lake County Animal Control in Baldwin.

Finally, we have another short-haired servant named Felix.

Felix is ​​playful and curious.

It is guaranteed to bring you laughter and joy.

You can make an appointment to meet Félix at Cadillac County Wexford Animal Shelter.

Tune in to MTM every Tuesday at 5:20 am and 8:50 am for the cutest Northern Michigan pets in search of their own families!


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