It’s Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday in Michigan this morning!

This week we have Paco, Bear and Boots, three of northern Michigan’s many large adoptable pets waiting for a loving family to bring them home.

The first is Paco.

Paco is a friendly boxer mix who does well with other dogs but not so much with cats.

A puppy at heart, he has a lot of energy.

He loves sweets and snuggling up to his people.

He has a lot of energy, so a house without small children is preferable.

He has a lot of potential if he is well socialized.

If you would like to meet Paco, you can contact the Cherryland Humanitarian Society.

Next we have Bear.

The bear is a loving domestic shorthair.

He is gentle and curious.

He may be a little shy at first, but once he gets used to you he has a lot of love to give.

He enjoys cuddling and getting brushed.

The bear can behave well with other cats as long as they are more relaxed like him.

If you want a comfortable sofa companion, you can contact the Cherryland Humanitarian Society.

Finally, we have boots.

Boots is a domestic longhair.

He’s also a shy guy, but she’s been smart and brave.

She becomes more outgoing and courageous every day.

She is playful and curious.

She gets along quite well with other cats, especially when it comes to play.

If you have room for this cute cat, you can contact One Love Animal Rescue.

Tune in to MTM every Tuesday at 5:20 and 8:50 am for the cutest Northern Michigan pets looking for their own families!