It’s Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday in Michigan this morning!

This week we have Shirley, Jenga and Ceasar, three of northern Michigan’s many large adoptable pets waiting for a loving family to bring them home.

First we have Shirley.

Shirley is a friendly and affectionate young tabby mix.

She loves affection and goes crazy over toys with bells that she can chase and pounce.

She does well with just about everyone, even cats and other critters.

If you want more information about this playful fuzzy girl, you can contact One Love Animal Rescue.

Then we have Jenga.

They are a very mixed race and it is difficult to say exactly what they are.

But we do know that Jenga is a cheerful and energetic young dog.

She has an outgoing personality and loves to run.

She will need a family that can give her lots of exercise and love.

She has been found to be a stray and will need a bit of training, but it is well worth it for this loving puppy.

If you think you can give Jenga a loving home, you can contact the Mecosta County Animal Rescue Coalition.

Last but not the least is Caesar.

Ceasar is an adult staffordshire terrier mix.

He is a sweet and affectionate boy who enjoys walking and playing in the yard.

He is playful and curious, but also a bit of a couch potato.

He came to the shelter through animal control, so we don’t yet know how he behaves around children or other animals.

Right now, it seems he doesn’t care much about cats and is a bit picky about other dogs.

If you are ready to give Caesar a chance, you can contact Manistee’s Animal shelter linked to the house.

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