Animal rights activist dissatisfied with plea deal for Eastpointe man who was accused of mistreating and failing to care for a puppy after his actions were filmed in 2020 .

Isaac Brooks Sanders, 23, pleaded guilty earlier this month to failing to care for an animal in return for dismissing an animal cruelty charge; both offenses are misdemeanors.

Theresa Sumpter, executive director of Detroit Pit Crew, an animal rescue organization, believes the cruelty charge should stand.

“It’s not fair to Carlo (the puppy) at all,” Sumpter said. “I think people will be outraged. You can’t beat the puppy devil and what are the consequences? An offense.”

Sanders was dropped off by a neighbor hitting and taunting Carlo in the driveway of a house after neighbors witnessed earlier beatings. Kershanna Seaborn, 20, has also been charged with failing to take care of an animal, which failed to appear in court and whose case is still pending.

“He (Sanders) was doing most of the abuse,” Sumpter said.

The recording circulated on social networks.

Sumpter was not happy in October 2020 when the Macomb County District Attorney’s Office refused to charge a felony, prompting the Detroit Pit Crew to resign in protest at his post with the special unit, Protecting Animal Welfare & Safety Task Force, created in May 2019 by former prosecutor Eric Smith.

It is not known whether Sanders will receive jail time when he is sentenced on January 7 by Judge Kathleen Galen of the 38th Eastpointe District Court. The penalty for the first offense carries a penalty of up to 93 days in prison.

Sanders’ lawyer Nicole Huddleston declined to comment.

Carlo, meanwhile, was confiscated by Animal Control and was adopted by a husband and wife who hosted him for several months until the Eastpointe City Prosecutor obtained the dog’s confiscation. , Sumpter said.

Sumpter said Carlo, whom she described as a “mutt,” recovered physically but suffered emotional effects.

“He has signs of PTSD,” she said. “He’s scared of new people in general. The dog will experience residual effects for the rest of its life.