Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter serves Perry, Knott, Breathitt, and Letcher counties

PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Kentucky River Regional Animal Sanctuary in Hazard needs volunteers to walk the dogs and record short videos to help get more animals adopted.

According to a post shared by the shelter, “We really need someone who could come in for an hour or two a few times a week or even one day a week to walk the dogs and do short minutes or two videos. These videos can be sent to rescue groups so they can get an idea of ​​the dog’s personality. This helps enormously in bringing our children to rescue! It may seem small, but it can create huge results in getting our kids outside safely.

The post adds that cat videos are also needed. The non-county-owned shelter says staff are overwhelmed with taking care of the animals’ basic needs.

The Perry County Tax Court is also trying to get the word out. According to a post shared on social media, “Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter serves Perry, Knott, Breathitt, and Letcher counties welcoming stray, abandoned, and unwanted dogs and cats.

The post goes on to credit the shelter’s work in caring for the animals, including moving them to shelters and getting them adopted: “KRRAS employees and volunteers have worked diligently to control the shelter population and create a more humane world for our animals.”

According to the Perry County Tax Court, “The shelter is currently seeing up to 40 animals a day and they need our help. They just can’t get all the animals to shelters and homes as fast as they can.” I urge our community to come together to help in this crisis.

The tax court lists several ways for the community to help, including spaying or neutering your own pets, not giving animals to homes where they will not be spayed, donating to the shelter, and donating volunteering at the shelter.

For more information about the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter, or how to donate, click HERE.