Many people consider pets to be great holiday gifts. Despite their popularity as gifts, pets aren’t always the most appropriate holiday gift.

Giving a pet as a gift sounds like a great idea, but you might want to think more about it before giving a gift that comes with such a tremendous responsibility. A puppy or kitten on Christmas can be gifted with good intentions, but that well-meaning sentiment can easily backfire, ending in the animal being abandoned for adoption when the recipients don’t feel up to it. the task of raising a pet. In such cases, the pet pays the highest price.

Buying a pet doesn’t have to be an impulse purchase, although it often is. You see sad eyes looking at you from behind a cage door and you want to give this animal a new home. However, bringing an animal into a family is not a decision to be taken lightly. You need to consider how well the animal will fit into the family dynamic. Do the schedules allow you to spend quality time with the animal? Is it a good time financially to take care of an animal that will cost money? Do you know how long the animal will live?

Making these big decisions for someone who receives your well-meaning gift can go overboard. Would you want such a life changing decision made for you?

The holiday season is not ideal for making prudent decisions. People are often overwhelmed with emotions and even stress, and buyers may not think rationally.

The hectic nature of the holiday season can be a difficult time for a pet to acclimatize to its new surroundings. He or she may be afraid to assimilate or take longer to settle. Pets often need several weeks of calm, constant care to feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

If you think you’re ready to give a homeless dog or cat a “forever” home, take a look at the photos of some adoptable dogs and cats in Animal Talk today. Our staff at the Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society are ready to answer all of your questions regarding your decision to adopt a dog or cat from the shelter. Do not hesitate to call the staff at 423-639-4771 or stop by the Adoption Center to visit our adoptable dogs and cats. Hours of operation are noon to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. You can also view adoptable animals online at gchumanesociety.com and click on our adoptable animal link.

Thank you to everyone who helped us decorate our Christmas tree with the Trim-A-Tree ornaments and to everyone who donated dog and cat food, cash, cleaning supplies and more! Your donations help us continue our mission to save lives and find homes for homeless dogs and cats here in Greene County.

The Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society will be closed for the Christmas holidays from December 24-27 and reopen on December 28. Our staff will come and take care of our dogs and cats while we are closed and make sure they each get lots of love and attention.

We wish all of our Animal Talk readers a very Merry Christmas from the Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society!


Annual dues for various membership levels are: $ 10, adult; $ 5, junior; $ 5, senior citizen; $ 25, family; $ 50, sponsor; $ 100, sponsor; and $ 1,000, benefactor. The adoption fee is $ 100. Checks made payable to Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society should be mailed to PO Box 792, Greeneville, TN 37744, and include a name and address.

Janet Medcalf is a past president of the Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society and is currently director of the Greeneville-Greene County Animal Shelter.