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Public Works Art Center, a non-profit community art center in historic downtown Summerville, is showcasing the exhibits of Charleston artist Anita Laudone Harley at the West Gallery through July 23. Harley has lived full time on Kiawah for 9 years and is a member of the Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island Artist Guilds. The exhibition includes five series of watermedia paintings featuring people. Works from Harley’s “State of Grace”, “Patterns of Life”, “And a Good Time It Was”, “Between the Lines” and “Together, We” series will be on display in the West Gallery during this time. According to Harley, “These are not portraits, but rather an attempt to record the inner world of individuals as it is etched on their faces and embodied in their gestures. By “watching closely” we can see where they have been and, with the young people, what may still be to come. Additional programming will accompany this exhibit, including portrait painting and photography events and a collaborative pet portrait event with Dorchester Paws and the Dorchester County Library to bring attention to adoptable animals . A highly regarded watercolorist, Harley works figuratively with shapes and patches of color in the tradition of Bonnard, Vuillard and Sargent. She thus strives to integrate the decorative with the authority of human emotion. The subtlety of its watercolor draws the viewer up close while the bold, flat pattern surprises with its abstraction. The result is both intimate and fragile, yet powerful and contemporary. By capturing humor, joy, hard work, melancholy – the specter of our condition – the viewer is invited to consider that, while we are alone, we are deeply connected to each other through experience and love. empathy.

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