Bijnor: With the aim of protecting animals from poachers and protecting the interests of farmers, officials of Corbett National Park, Amangarh Tiger Reserve (ATR) and the World Wide Fund for Nature as well as local farmers organized a two-day workshop near Kalagarh.
Anil Kumar Patel, forestry officer in the Bijnor division, said: “At the workshop, we invited the villagers to give their opinion and suggested to them how to end the human-animal conflict.
Subdivision Forestry Officer Hari Singh said, “There are 15 villages along ATR and Corbett. The volunteers who work for the preservation of the fauna in these villages and the inhabitants participated in the workshop.
At the workshop, farmers voiced their grievances noting that wild animals enter their fields and destroy crops, but getting compensation for their loss takes time. Sometimes carnivores also raise their livestock, Singh said.
Suggestions were welcome for better coordination, the forester said. Villagers have been urged to contact officials in case they see suspicious people near their villages.
Rajesh Kumar, a resident of Kehari village, said: “Our village is located near ATR. Elephants and other herbivores enter our fields and damage our crops. We ask for compensation but it is not given to us in time. We have to tour the forestry department offices.