A Lackawanna County animal shelter offered a change of scenery for its rescue dogs while raising funds and awareness for what animal shelters are going through.

OLYPHANT, Pa. — Meet Isaac, one of many rescue dogs at the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in South Abington Township.

As Isaac greets guests at Barktoberfest, shelter workers hope he and the other dogs can return home to a new family.

“Adoptions have been very slow, so just having this exhibit for people to come and meet the dogs is huge,” said Ashley Walo, executive director of Griffin Pond.

To help address overcrowding issues at their shelter, Griffin Pond Animal Shelter hosted this first annual Barktoberfest. An event dedicated to raising funds and finding new homes for rescue dogs.

“Dogs need to be adopted, dogs need to go outside. I know a lot of shelters put 1-2 dogs in their crates to try and save them,” said Eva Armstrong, founder of Eva’s Dog Camp.

“I mean, we were just so overwhelmed than a lot of other rescues in our area. So again, the more their animals are exposed, the more animals will come out, which means we can open the kennels to more animals that need to come in,” Walo added.

With the help of Barktoberfest, Griffin Pond Animal Shelter encourages people to embrace rescues instead of alternatives.

“You don’t have to spend $2,000 to have a good dog. You can actually go to a shelter, talk to the experts, and find a dog that will fit your lifestyle for a fraction of the money,” Armstrong explained.

Nearly 60 vendors responded to the needs of dog owners and lovers who want to help give rescue dogs a better quality of life.

“I think they should adopt them because it gives them a nice place to live, and it’s good for you, and it’s good for the dog. It makes you both happy,” said Marian Gill of Stroudsburg.

All proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the shelter’s pet medical fund.

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