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A beagle who went missing in Sentosa on June 12 was found two days later in a drain along Imbiah Walk and rescued by a couple while longboarding on the island.

A video uploaded to TikTok by user @nqbah_que, who goes by the name Que, detailed the rescue attempt and the dog’s heartwarming reunion with its owners.

Dog runs away after being spooked by fireworks at beach

The dog, a one-year-old beagle named Lady, apparently got scared and ran away after fireworks erupted on the beach.

The harness she was wearing also broke in the process, its owner said in a Facebook post.

Photo via Eric Chia/Facebook.

After her disappearance, her family spent “hours” searching for Lady in Sentosa during the two days of her disappearance, to no avail.

At one point – on the advice of an “animal communicator” who told them that Lady was sitting and hiding near a large tree in the forest – they even organized a mass search party to search for Lady in a “very dense forest” in Sentosa, according to another of Lady’s owners named Eric Chia.

Photo via Eric Chia/Facebook.

Luckily, the search party was not needed as she was found a day before Que and his girlfriend’s planned hike to Sentosa.

A couple lures their dog out of hiding with treats

During several comments on her TikTok video, Que wrote that the couple saw a woman trying to lift a drain grate.

They stopped to help the woman open the grill and saw Lady, who looked “traumatized and hungry”.

via @nqbah_que/TikTok.

Que’s girlfriend had prepared dog treats and a leash before visiting Sentosa, as she knew there was a lost dog on the island.

She threw the treats at Lady, who quickly ate them.

They also tried to maintain a sense of calm so the dog would not run away again.

via @nqbah_que/TikTok.

Que wrote that Lady’s owner was contacted via a Telegram group for lost and found animals and they immediately rushed in.

Once there, the owner went down the drain and used a leash Que’s girlfriend had brought to save Lady.

Finally reunited, the dog receives scratches and hugs

The pup received numerous head scratches and hugs during its rescue.

via @nqbah_que/TikTok.

Chia wrote on Facebook that he took Lady to see a vet after the ordeal.

Photo via Eric Chia/Facebook.

Apart from an increased sensitivity to sounds, Lady comes out relatively unscathed.

She was prescribed a cleansing solution, soothing pills and antiseptic cream for her minor injuries.

“All good,” Chia wrote.

Top photo via @nqbah_que/TikTok and Eric Chia/Facebook