Divine Miss P has won her heavenly wings.

Miss P (P for Peyton), a 10 year old beagle from Enderby who put the North Okanagan community on the world map in 2015 by winning the Best In Show award at the legendary Westminster Kennel dog show Club in New York, crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier this month.

She died in her sleep.

“Part of my heart was lost forever when I woke up to find Miss P asleep in her bed for the last time,” co-owner Lori Crandlemire wrote on social media. “No words can describe how devastating his passing was to our family. Miss P was happy and healthy and lived every day to the fullest. His personality was undeniable in and out of the ring from the day he was born. She was a princess and she knew it.

Miss P – which is her trade name, her real registered name is CH Tashtins Lookin For Trouble – was four when she won the group of dogs at Westminster in 2015 to qualify for the final group. She was handled in New York City by Will Alexander, then beat six other dogs for the Best in Show title, including a black Standard Poodle, Old English Sheepdog, English Springer Spaniel, Portuguese Water Dog, a Shih Tzu and a Skye terrier.

The Shih Tzu was owned by notorious kidnapping victim Patty Hearst, while the Portuguese water dog in the latter group was a relative of US President Barack Obama’s dog Sunny.

The Beagle Enderby was owned by Crandlemire, his daughter Kaitlyn, and co-owners Wayne Cavanaugh, Brody Cavanaugh and Eddie Dziuk.

“On day one, Kaitlyn walked into the ring with the words of Miss P Pat Trotter, ‘You’re going to have a lot of fun with this puppy,’ Crandlemire said. “We had no idea the veracity of those words. Miss P took us on an unforgettable and wonderful journey. She introduced us to new places and new people and forged friendships that will no doubt last forever.

Miss P also won the Show Dog of the Year in 2014 to accompany Westminster’s Best In Show title which saw her hit the TV talk show circuit and enjoy fine dining at some of New York’s best restaurants.

She has appeared on Today, the View and Entertainment Tonight, took photos atop the Empire State Building, and enjoyed steak on a silver platter at Sardi’s restaurant in Manhattan.

Over 2,700 dogs have been entered at the 2015 Westminster Show.

Miss P then withdrew from the competition.

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