Over the past seven months, 27 animals have found their forever homes with the help of Best Buds, an adoptable pet-of-the-week program that promotes the dogs, cats and rabbits available in the area.

In an effort to do more, the Healing Center partnered in February with Animal Friends, located in Pittsburgh, and The Almanac to bring attention to area animals in need of loving homes.

“We laugh when we say ‘Best Buds’ because of the connotation of marijuana. The reality is, they are always “best friends” when given the chance. We love our animals at the Healing Center, adopted and unadopted, ”said Chris Kohan, co-founder of the Healing Center.

Each year, the association saves and relocates around 2,500 animals. Since the start of the pandemic, they have had to change their adoption process. The exhibition, especially from business partners like The Healing Center, helped create vital awareness about the shelter and its services.

Most importantly, rabbits like Midnight and Mage can get a second chance at love. These two rabbits are a bonded couple in search of their eternal home that will want them both.

“Through this partnership, we were able to expand our mission of creating lifelong matches and, with the help of our friends at the Healing Center, shine a light on the adoption of pets and the amazing animal companions that await. in shelters and organizations like Animal Friends, ”said Cody Hoellerman, Community Engagement Manager at Animal Friends.

Best Buds will continue to be featured on The Almanac’s website with the hopes of many more happy matches.

“Nothing gives us more joy than seeing all of these amazing animals being associated with a home that will spoil them forever. We are extremely proud to partner with great organizations like Animal Friends and The Healing Center to promote adoptable animals to our caring readers across the South Hills, ”said Chris Slota, Advertising Director of The Almanac.

“This dynamic duo is Midnight and Mage! They came to Animal Friends as a transfer from another organization and would like to find a house with a room for two. Midnight has a lot of young bunny energy which she uses to rummage through boxes (her favorite activity!) While Mage is a bit older and helps balance Midnight’s personality. If you think this pair could be the perfect addition to your family, come meet them today.

To learn more about Samson and the other Best Buds, visit thealmanac.net/bestbuds. To learn more about Animal Friends, their services and current adoptable companions, visit thinkhorsdelacage.org.

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