A PEACEFUL protest to raise awareness about the breeding of Beagle puppies for torture took place in Reading town center today (July 9).

Organized by campaign group Camp Beagle, the reading event was one of 74 other protests taking place across the UK as part of its National Awareness Day.

The purpose of the peaceful protest, held outside John Lewis, was to educate and raise awareness about beagles bred indoors only to be tortured and prematurely killed in laboratories in the UK .

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It is reported that around 2,000 Beagle puppies are raised each year at MBR Acres, which is Britain’s largest puppy farm and has been hidden away in the Cambridgeshire countryside for years.

And Camp Beagle activists are waging a legal battle to shut down the MBR and release the dogs into loving homes.

Keith Muir, organizer of the Camp Beagle event in Reading, said: “We are against cruelty to animals, not just dogs, everything is experienced.

“It’s torture, it’s a horrible, horrible case and we want to end it.”

Mr Muir said these dogs are locked up in large units 24/7.

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“Film footage showed the conditions inside were appalling for these poor dogs, no litter, no access to fresh, clean drinking water in bowls,” Muir added.

“They have cheap dry food, eat each other’s body fluids, they’re considered pathogen-free, and they’re never allowed out to see the sky or play.”

The rally took place from noon to 3 p.m., where members of the group spoke to the public about the issue.

In April this year, a spokesperson for MBR Acres told ITV: “Our business is essential to the continuation of medical and veterinary research in the UK and the UK Government has over the past few months underlined the importance regulatory safety testing before new drugs and treatments are administered to human and companion animal volunteers in clinical trials.”

Reading Chronicle has contacted MBR Acres for an official statement following today’s protest.