Ghaziabad: As dog bite cases are on the rise in several districts of Uttar Pradesh including Ghaziabad, can stray dogs be removed from a certain area? Apparently not. Stray dogs cannot be moved from their territory as it is prohibited by law and court guidelines, the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation said on Saturday after a meeting with various stakeholders including apartment owners associations, people for pets and dog lovers.Read also – Do you remember the Hollywood movie “Taken”? This Mumbai man rescued his kidnapped daughter from UP in a similar style

The meeting was convened at the civic body’s headquarters at the initiative of Mayor Asha Sharma and City Commissioner Mahendra Singh Tanwar amid the recent headline-grabbing canine-human conflict. Read also – Dog attacks; Do’s and don’ts and how to stay safe in such a situation

Animal rights activist Ambika Shukla pointed out that dog lovers who feed strays cannot be penalized by the Resident Welfare Association and that any complaints should be made only to the Municipal Corporation. It has been agreed that dog feeding points will be set aside at residential company compounds for stray dogs in consultation with feeders, RWA and council officials. The numbers would depend on the dog population there. Also Read – Uttar Pradesh exported commodities worth Rs 96,000 under One District, One Commodity Scheme in FY22

Here’s your 10-point cheat sheet for this great story about the Ghaziabad canine threat and bite incidents:

  1. As per the law and established guidelines, stray dogs cannot be moved from inside the corporation to outside and vice versa, Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation Veterinarian Dr Ashish said.
  2. It will be kept in mind that supply points should not be located close to places frequented by children and the elderly, the meeting decided.
  3. Both parties agreed that cleaning up stray dog ​​droppings would not be the responsibility of the people feeding the dog, but of the RWA as part of its regular housekeeping activity.
  4. It will be the responsibility of pet owners to clean up their dogs’ excrement but the RWA must provide bins where collected waste can be disposed of, it has been decided.
  5. In the event of complaints against animal owners, the RWA and its members cannot take any action themselves and they will have to bring it to the attention of the municipality, the assembly decided.
  6. Dr Ashish urged people to register stray dogs for neutering in consultation with dog feeders and RWAs.
  7. This follows a series of dog attack incidents reported in the media over the past few days.
  8. A video recently went viral showing a pet dog attacking an underage boy inside a residential company elevator in Ghaziabad.
  9. In another incident in Ghaziabad, a teenager was attacked by a dog, leaving him with multiple stitches.
  10. Another video showed a food delivery man being attacked and seriously injured by a dog as he exited an elevator.

(Based on PTI entries)