Harley Beagle’s classmates and teachers celebrated “Heart Day” to learn more about her heart condition.

DANVILLE, Pa. — Classrooms at Danville Elementary School were transformed into operating rooms as first-graders celebrated “Heart Day.”

“It’s nice to give people the opportunity to see at least one piece of what we do and learn a bit more about one of their fellow students,” said Dr. Sandy Green, interventional cardiologist at Geisinger.

Dr. Sandy Green is an interventional cardiologist at Geisinger. He brought a cow’s heart for the children to look at and touch.

“To inspire some curiosity about their own hearts and health issues that their parents, friends, relatives, relatives might have and inspire a little more understanding and care among those things,” Dr. Green said.

The inspiration for “Heart Day” is freshman Harley Beagle, who has had several heart surgeries in her seven years.

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On the outside, Harley Beagle is your average seven-year-old. But the girl was born with a heart condition called transposition of the great vessels.

“My red blood was going to my lungs and my blue blood was going to my body,” Harley said.

Harley has had multiple open heart surgeries and has the scars to prove it.

Sometimes her classmates at Danville-area elementary school have questions.

“We wanted to talk about her but also make it an educational experience for the kids,” said Madison Zosh, from Danville Elementary School.

When asked “How do you feel about everyone doing all this because of you?” Harley replied “Happy”.

The students learned a little more about what their classmate went through while having fun.

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