The way humans and their pets spend quality time together often ends up being a delightful watch for many pet-loving people. This particular video that was shared on Instagram and has been gaining popularity ever since shows how a Beagle ends up doing Bhangra, or at least trying to, with his human. It was shared on the Instagram page dedicated to this hairball named Junior Malhotra. He has over 3,000 followers on his page where regular videos and photos of his daily antics are posted.

“Bhangra time, getting ready for the wedding of the year,” reads the caption, which was shared with this adorable video of the Beagle pet dog. And chances are you’ll not only want to stomp your feet, but also join this cute little munchkin and his human in their Bhangra performance that has now gone viral.

Watch the video right here:

Posted on August 25, this video has so far received more than 82,000 likes. And the numbers are only increasing.

“So so cute Beagle boy,” one Instagram user commented. “Awesome,” posted another person. “That’s so cute,” a third pointed out.