Innovative ways to feed ruminants are to be explored following the launch of a new partnership between the nutrition and supplements company, UFAC-UK, and the Center for Dairy Science Innovation at the University of Nottingham.

The research project, supported by the Center for Excellence in Livestock Innovation (CIEL), will focus on the development of a new approach to feeding ruminants. It aims to improve productivity and sustainability and improve animal health and welfare.

Total supply chain benefits

The project is expected to be completed in the first half of 2022. It will review various new products from UFAC (UK) aimed at improving product quality and bringing full supply chain benefits to producers. and consumers, including feed manufacturers, producers and processors, food manufacturers and consumers.

The research will be led by a professor of dairy science, Professor Phil Garnsworthy, who is renowned for his work on the nutrition of dairy cows and the efficiency of feed utilization for dairy production.

Reduce methane emissions from cows

Garnsworthy is currently also involved in research for Tesco and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) around trials as a dietary supplement aimed at reducing methane emissions from cows in the hope of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. of the dairy sector. The methane emitted by belching cows is measured by sensors installed on the feed bins and milking stalls on the university farm. If successful, it is hoped that the supplement could reduce methane emissions by up to 30%.

Aligning with the challenges of animal husbandry

CIEL believes that the project aligns with 4 of the 6 “big challenges” that animal production is currently facing, namely:

  • Developing climate-smart food systems
  • Resource efficiency and precision nutrition
  • Animal health and welfare management
  • Food quality and integrity

“… lead a sustainable and productive future”

Lyndsay Chapman, CEO of CIEL, said she was thrilled to be part of the initiative: “The research project covers areas that we believe are critical to contributing to a sustainable and productive future for the agri-food sector, all by being very innovative. “

She added, “CIEL is passionate about promoting industry-led research and working with its members to promote and deliver innovation in animal production systems. As an industry we face many challenges, but it is also a very exciting time as projects like this advance food and nutrition.

UFAC (United Kingdom)

UFAC (UK) is a 40-year-old family business specializing in the innovation and development of mixtures of liquid nutrient resources and dry products, combining high quality protein sources with improved nutrient availability and a range omega-3 supplements. It has its production base in Woolfox, Leicestershire.

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