City Treasurer Deb Fickes is sworn in before Judge John Campbell.

Scott Barrett, Jeff Kreefer and Tom Beagle are sworn in by Judge John Campbell as ward councilors. Not pictured: Fred Rayl.

Justice John Campbell (right) takes the oath of office for City Council President John Torma.

Morning Diary / Liz Lehman Left to Right: Robert Nizar Jr., Brian Kerr and John Mercer are sworn in by Justice John Campbell as General Counsel. Additional photos A2.

LIVERPOOL EAST – Replacing Judge Dominic Frank, Judge John Campbell called the event festive as he was sworn in to City Council members on Wednesday. “It is an honor and a privilege for me this morning to take an oath to a number of you as representatives of the city”, Campbell said.

Campbell first introduced John Torma whom he congratulated on his 31 years of service as chairman of the city council.

Then three of the four Ward Councilors (Tom Beagle, Jeff Kreefer and Scott Barrett were present and Fred Rayl was absent) appeared in court and were sworn in. Campbell then swore in the three General Counsel Robert Nizar Jr., Brian Kerr and John Mercer. Finally, before adjourning, Campbell administered the oath to City Treasurer Deb Fickes.

The next council meeting will be on Monday at 6 p.m., Torma said, and has so far said that there will only be one council meeting scheduled per month. “Right now, as this COVID increases, we will probably be going to one meeting per month with a special meeting if needed and that will follow on the third Monday of the month” Torma said.

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