Throughout the Hulu TV Miniseries The Stall, Amanda Seyfried portraying Elizabeth Holmes dances in particular to release pent up emotions and boost one’s confidence. The Theranos CEO reportedly actually danced when she believed she was alone as a former Theranos employee recalled noticing their boss was “completely rocking” in her office.

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A former Theranos employee remembered Elizabeth Holmes dancing when she thought no one had seen her

During an episode of The stall podcast, on which the Hulu miniseries is based, former Apple product manager Ana Arriola opened up about her experiences working with the disgraced entrepreneur.

Described as someone who helped design the iPhone and played by Nicky Endres on the show, Arriola was remembered as Elizabeth Holmes. “private one way” and dance in private.

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When the current Microsoft executive arrived early for work, Arriola recalled their boss “was rocking and banging his head to hip-hop music; just completely rocking. And I was like, ‘Huh , OK I don’t think I was supposed to see this.

The former Apple product manager also recalled speaking to Holmes about her attire – noting that she previously wore ‘frumpy Christmas sweaters’ – claiming the CEO had taken an interest in the wardrobe of his idol Steve Job. According to Arriola, they eventually directed her to Issey Miyake, who designed the Apple founder’s famous black turtleneck, “and the rest is couture history.”

The real Elizabeth Holmes would have nothing to do with “The Dropout”

Speaking to in March 2022, designer Elizabeth Meriwether, of new girl fame, explained Elizabeth Holmes had nothing to do with the series because she adapted it from the ABC podcast.

Meriwether also noted that she did not interview the disgraced entrepreneur. Therefore, she drew on her material to fully flesh out Holmes as a person to those who worked with her. Using Arriola as an example, as they noticed their boss was dancing when she thought no one was seeing him, the creator implemented those details.

Although she noted that she hadn’t interacted with the former Stanford student “in real life”, Meriwether realized that “as a character”, the CEO of Theranos is not someone who manages his emotions as well as possible. As a result, the designer decided to implement the dance in various scenes showing Holmes slacking off when she thought no one was seeing to release bottled up emotions.

“Dancing is the thing she does when no one is watching,” Meriwether added. Noting that she didn’t view the miniseries as a documentary, the writer explained that she wanted to explore more facets of Holmes to appear more balanced to viewers, pointing out that many people only saw it as “satire. with the fake voice and Jobs-inspired outfit. Therefore, Meriwether hopes to show a different perspective regarding Holmes and his way of thinking.

Kate McKinnon was originally cast as Elizabeth Holmes

In April 2019, Hulu ordered The stalla miniseries based on the ABC News podcast of the same name hosted by Rebecca Jarvis that tells the story of Holmes and his bankrupt health-tech company.

At that time, reports claimed that Kate McKinnon would produce the show and star in it as Holmes. But, the Emmy-nominated actor has decided to leave the show. It is unclear why she chose to walk away.

However, it’s possible she chose to lend her resources to the Peacock miniseries. Joe versus Carolbased on a feud between animal rights activist Carole Baskin and zookeeper Joe Exotic that ended in his imprisonment for an attempted murder-for-hire in which McKinnon portrays Baskin.

Either way, the show moved forward with Amanda Seyfried as the polarizing entrepreneur. The stall airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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