Security firm urges homeowners to train domestic staff on what to do if a crime knocks on the door.

Beagle Watched Armed Response has known for a number of years that domestic staff, such as helpers and gardeners, are often seen as easy targets for criminals looking for break-ins and easy thefts.
Beagle Watch Managing Director Andre Aiton said that’s why owners need to carefully screen and train their staff to avoid falling victim to it. “Domestic staff are often in your home, alone with your children and pets most of the day. It is therefore very important that they know what to do and how to react in an emergency.

According to Aiton, in a large percentage of crimes some form of information was provided to the criminals responsible for the attack. In many cases this is provided innocently, but in others it is provided in exchange for a reward.

Aiton said a thorough pre-employment review of not only domestic staff but also any temporary or contract staff is vital. He advises employers to make sure they have a copy of all identification documents and all personal information of the staff member, such as contact details (including residence and, if applicable, migrant, home address) and family information and to conduct extensive reference checks before hiring staff. member.

Aiton also said that a police certificate is another precaution residents can take when checking their staff. This is a police background check, using fingerprints to see if the person has been linked to criminal activity in the past.

Once the new staff member has joined, extensive training in basic personal and household safety and security and first aid training is highly recommended. Beagle Watch has run free training sessions for domestic staff over the years and is offering them again.

Aiton said, “Our officers have set up an area in a park or convenient location and provide vital safety and personal safety training to staff members in a non-threatening environment. If customers want to arrange training for a specific street or area, they can phone our 24 hour call center and we will be happy to answer.

Beagle Watch Armed Response shared the following safety tips for use by domestic staff:

  • Spend time with domestic staff and educate them about home safety procedures.
  • Then contact regular recycling sessions.
  • Give staff panic buttons and train them how and when to use them.
  • Make sure staff know how your security system works and how and when to contact your security provider in the event of an emergency.
  • Explain to staff how to respond to a home invasion, i.e. stay calm and cooperate with invaders, do not make eye contact, always share relevant information requested by intruders, show them where is the safe, etc. .
  • Have a plan of action in the event of a home invasion, medical emergency, or fire, and update, repeat, and revise this plan often.
    For more information, contact the Beagle Watch Call Center on 011 678 1972.

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