I admit, I have a real weakness for dogs. We have 2 great dogs at home but if I had what I wanted, which I don’t have most of the time, we would have 10 more.

This morning we spoke to Kate from the Tri County Humane Society about this week’s adoptable pet and it’s a beautiful girl named Ethel. Ethel would like to have a home and a family for the holidays. Maybe yours?

Meet Ethel! She entered with her friend Lucy after being found outside. Because she was a wanderer, so nothing is known about her past. She was outgoing and dynamic with the staff during her stay.

Ethel is a bit overweight and would benefit from exercising regularly and getting rich at home to stay active. A high-quality, portion-controlled diet is recommended. We don’t know what she thinks of children or other animals; all new introductions should always be slow and correct.

Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of sterilization / sterilization surgeries, microchipping, vaccination, deworming, any medical procedures, and general care.


NEW AT TCHS: If you are considering adopting a dog from TCHS (or have recently adopted one), please ask a TCHS staff member about the GoodPup! TCHS is thrilled to partner with GoodPup on this opportunity for personalized, affordable, and positive dog training that you can do from the comfort of your home!

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