by Susan Hargreaves

Animal victories for the EU and the UK!

EU and UK react to decade-long protests, covert investigations by animal activists with positive changes in law for other animals. A comma three million citizens have signed the petition supported by more than 170 organizations as part of this successful “End the Cage Age” campaign.

On June 30, 2021, the EU agreed to end cages in breeding. It plans to ban cages for chickens, mother pigs, calves, rabbits, ducks, geese and other animals on farms with the phase-out date by 2027.

One of the programs I present in schools “The state of the animal nation” shows how much caged animals suffer, students often ask me after the presentation “but that’s not happening now, is it?” So many Americans assume that there are protections here similar to those just adopted in the EU.

The vote to end animal cages is undoubtedly a big step forward, I asked. Ingrid Newkirk from Peta comment on this historical development.

Ingrid replied: “Long ago, the philosopher Tom Regan said, ‘We don’t want bigger cages, we want empty cages’, and those words, once flouted, are now a matter of European politics. In the United States, we need to stop playing around with an extra inch of space for trapped hens and a plastic box for a so-called “veal for veal” and completely abandon animal farm imprisonment. only then will we be civilized. “

The EU decision affects the lives of 300 million animals, in a real, tangible and practical way for the better.

All beings are rule sensitive UK

Happy news was heard recently with the Queen’s Speech, it is a breakthrough for all species of animals and their future. The Queen’s annual speech in the UK highlights executive orders and new laws before parliament. This year sees the accumulation of many years of work by animal rights activists and animal welfare groups.

  1. The outlaw of electric dog collars. -Yes, believe it or not, so-called dog “trainers” still use this method in the US until we banned it here as well.
  2. No import of wild animal body parts as trophies.
  3. Transporting farm animals abroad, UK activists have protested against export for years
  4. All beings are sentient.

This is the biggest and most revolutionary change

Now the above statement is something most of us know, right?

However, we humans do not act as though we are aware of this indisputable fact. Walk into any chicken hatchery, dairy farm, or factory farm to see proof of the total disregard for families, their feelings of pain, their distress. This admission that other animals are sensitive is an epic step. Does that certainly mean that we can no longer ignore the fact that separating babies from their mothers on dairy farms causes countless hours of grief in the UK and US?

Chicken hatcheries gassing and choking on all male chicks right after they hatch on the conveyor belt is definitely a sentient crime.

Boiling a living being like lobsters is now going to have to change.

The progress of the British decision replaced the first moon landing or the invention of the automobile. The recognition by the national government that we are not the only animals to suffer is a form of progress.

Vegan world domination is the goal of all of us who are keenly aware of the horrible hell that exists in factory farms, transport trucks, stockyards and slaughterhouses. We can learn from our global neighbors the UK and the EU, unite to defeat the legalized animal abuse plaguing the US.

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