The Five Hills Scholarship Competition hosted the 7th Annual Howl-O-Ween Pawlooza Puppy on Saturday to benefit the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter at Copperas Cove Municipal Park.

The event, hosted and organized by Miss Five Hills Karina Dominguez, invited visitors and their dogs to participate in an obstacle course, a swim in the pool, a 1.6 km walk, a costume contest. , a howling contest, animal adoptions and live music. Donations from visitors allowed two vans to transport supplies for the town’s animal shelter, mainly cat and dog food, pet beds, toys and treats.

Chris Taylor and his roommate Bebe-Q’s dog, a dachshund, attended their first puppy Pawlooza. Taylor disguised as Charlie Brown and Bebe-Q sat atop a Snoopy-style doghouse fitted with a plush Woodstock.

Taylor said it was important to support the animal shelter.

“It helps your community; help the animals in your community, and that helps everyone, ”Taylor said.

Taylor said Bebe-Q was a therapy dog ​​and trained to go to hospitals and nursing homes to visit patients and improve their emotional health to stay focused on recovery and achieve health goals.

“We go there for about an hour and a half and she just visits the staff and the patients,” Taylor said. “She has a good temperament; she loves people; she enjoys going out in the community.

Taylor entered the animal costume competition at the event and won first place and won a gift basket.

Dominguez said events like these were critical in delivering essential supplies to the animal shelter, especially during times when there is an influx of pets arriving at the facility.

Dominguez said shelters operate with limited funding for supplies, so donations like toys and treats help reduce stress on animals in a shelter.

“Shelters only get a certain amount of money that they can spend and really need all the donations that are made to be able to provide the most comfort to all pets,” said Dominguez. “So it’s good to help do something to relieve that stress on them, whether it’s giving them really good food or giving them treats,” Dominguez said.

Dominguez said the donations also help reduce the number of euthanized animals.

Animal control officer Tamara Hall said the shelter has an allotted budget for food, which can be limited by a sudden increase in the number of pets arriving at the shelter and food restrictions for animals that have have trouble digesting certain foods.

Hall said the donations are primarily intended for the animal shelter. However, she said the shelter will provide supplies for someone who adopts an animal. Hall also said the shelter is helping with animal rescue.

“Rescues will come to us sometimes because rescues don’t have funding, they’re private entities,” Hall said. “So they don’t have a chance to go out and something like that happens to them, so we help them sometimes.”

Hall said the shelter does not place a time limit on how long animals can be kept without being adopted, but events like the Puppy Pawlooza help remind people that the shelter exists and has animals available for adoption.

Abrianna Little and her son Baby Mister Five Hills, Orion Douglas, attended the event in hopes of adopting a dog for their home.

“We used to have a few dogs, but we had a problem with them so we had to find new homes for them,” Little said. “Our house has been a bit lonely without someone greeting us at the door every day, jumping on us.”

Little said it was important to support pet adoptions.

“It’s important because we have a lot of animals that need homes,” Little said. “Stray or deposited animals that just need loving forever homes and stuff like this helps us fund them.”

April Hudson and Cary Hudson, along with their two sheep Paco and Bella, said supporting events like this is fundamental to providing long-term care for the animals at the animal shelter because they have the right to live. .

William and Maria Rodriguez attended the event with Sofi and Gabi, their West Highland Terriers, dressed as United States Postal Service Letter Carrier and UPS Inc. Carrier. Maria Rodriguez said the event had more attendees than last year.

“I know we support the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter,” said Maria Rodriguez. “We need something like this for the little furry babies. Hopefully we will continue to have this “Howl-O-Ween” for dogs. “

On Saturday, the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter, 1601 N. First Street, had six adoptable dogs and 23 cats.

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