MYSURU: Forestry Minister Umesh Katti said on Friday that barricades would be erected on forest border areas from funds received from the Management and Planning Authority of the Compensatory Reforestation Fund (CAMPA) to prevent human conflicts -animal.
Speaking after inaugurating the 67th Wildlife Week program at Kakanakote Safari Center in Dammanakatte Forest under Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, Katti said villagers living on the forest edge of Nagarahole Tiger Reserves and Bandipur erect barricades in border areas.
“I have requested 500 crore rupees from CAMPA and it should be released within six months. The barricades will be installed in phases. Due to the pandemic, there were financial problems to undertake new projects. But as the situation has normalized, the ministry will resume work as a priority. The barricades will be erected soon, ”he said.
Katti said the facilities at the safari centers in Nagarahole and Bandipur will be improved. He also called on foresters to eliminate lantana, a weed that kills local forest fauna and also causes forest fires.
“Lantana kills native plant species that herbivorous animals in the forest depend on. Therefore, animals roam human habitats in search of food. Thus, the lantana must be cleared in forest areas. While the forestry staff in Nagarahole have made good progress in clearing the lantana, those in Bandipur and the Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple Tiger Reserve (BRT) must return to work on a war footing, ”he said. declared.
HD Kote MP Anil Chikkamadhu said his constituency is sandwiched between Bandipur and Nagarahole, which attracts many tourists.
“As the population of tigers and elephants is more present in the region, around 10 to 15 people are killed each year during attacks by wild animals. There is an urgent need to barricade around 120 km of forest borders at HD Kote taluk to avoid human-animal conflicts, ”he said.
Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF), Mysuru Circle, T Heeralal, said the department has taken various measures that have reduced human-animal conflict, forest fires and crop damage from raids. animals. There is a shortage of frontline workers in the department which must be increased to have better management of forest areas, he said.
Katti launched a new website, online safari reservation booking service, GPS facility for safari vehicles and mobile 2.0 application. He also published a book called “Huli ID” and inspected the grassland development works and the tourist camp office.

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