“These are certainly allegations. I understand the state’s position on the nature and strength of the case, but these are still allegations, ”Crawford said.

According to the complaint:

In June, the DCI state received four tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that the organization had received in April from Google. Google said it was aware of an account, registered in Lawrence’s name, which contained “numerous” files of child sexual abuse. Each Google tip referred to images depicting the sexual exploitation of prepubescent children.

DCI has submitted subpoenas for the user of an IP address referenced in NCMEC’s ​​advice and search warrants for Lawrence’s Google Accounts, which appear to confirm the child pornography associated with the accounts.

Officers executed a search warrant at Lawrence’s home on Veterans Road in Stoughton on Friday and discovered the closed laptop.

When questioned by agents, Lawrence admitted to viewing pornography, including sites that he said began to contain “child pornography” and admitted to downloading some of it. He later said that some of the documents contained children as young as 10.

Lawrence said Google closed its Google Drive account after uploading some of the material there, but said it deleted all files after that. He added, however, that he had “considered some of these things since then.”

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