It’s strange to see Geisinger’s little furry friends. But the staff said that’s what drives them.

DANVILLE, Pa. — Benny is a two-year-old shepherd mix. Her pal Winchester is a five-year-old pit bull mix. They are both up for adoption. Danville PSPCA.

So what are they doing at Geisinger?

It’s all part of a new program for shelter animals to meet hospital workers. It’s pet adoption day in Geisinger near Danville.

“The aim is to take staff away from their work for 5-10 minutes, letting them relax before continuing with their day,” said James Gould.

James Gould is Director of Operations at Geisinger and also a Registered Nurse. Recently, he and some of his co-workers arranged these get-togethers with nearby animal shelters to allow employees to relax. It seemed to work.

“There is no stress on their faces. I guarantee you that when they get back inside and have to go back to work, it will be a different story. But for at least 5-10 minutes they can stop for a minute and I think they’re rejuvenated after that,” Gould said.

The event not only benefits the hospital staff, it also helps the animals.

All these animals are up for adoption. The hope is that some employees bring home a dog or a cat.

“Benny here takes all the attention. All the cats are socialized equally. It just becomes an exhibit so people who don’t normally go to a shelter can see that we have great adoptable animals,” Kristen Szwast, PSPCA du Danville site manager, said.

Geisinger says a few animals were adopted from a previous event. Health System has more events scheduled with other nearby animal shelters because it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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