Governor Glenn Youngkin signed more than 40 bills into law on Friday, including legislation strengthening school safety audits, reducing fees for athletes and establishing training for law enforcement to recognize signs of trafficking human being.

“We are here to provide solutions to the issues that matter to Virginians and we work every day to serve our parents and students, our veterans and law enforcement,” Governor Youngkin said. “I thank these bipartisan lawmakers for their ability to find common sense solutions for their constituents and the Commonwealth.”

Agriculture and wildlife

HB 1224, sponsored by delegate David Bulova, reduces the regulatory burden on best management practices (BMPs) for our farmers.

HB 463 and SB 141, sponsored by Delegate Terry Austin and Senator John Edwards, waive fees for state boat ramps.

HB 189 and SB 509, sponsored by Delegate Michael Webert and Senator Richard Stuart, give the right to propagate shellfish by any legal means necessary.

Veterans and Military

HB 17 and SB 618, sponsored by Delegate Buddy Fowler and Senator Richard Stuart, specify that members of military color guards, honor guards and veterans service organizations are exempt from the crime of unlawful paramilitary activity when the member participates in training and education exercises, funerals, parades or other public ceremonies

HB 540, sponsored by delegate Danica Roem, expands driver’s licenses to accommodate military deployments.

HB 120, sponsored by Delegate Scott Wyatt, lowers lifetime hunting and fishing license fees for veterans with disabilities.

public safety

HB 748 & SB 150, sponsored by Delegate Rob Bell and Senator John Edwards, modernize the DNA Data Bank sample tracking system.

HB 907 and SB 526, sponsored by Delegate Emily Brewer and Senator Louise Lucas, streamline the licensing of battery-operated fence security systems.

HB 283 and SB 467, sponsored by Delegate Emily Brewer and Senator Jill Vogel, establish training standards for law enforcement to recognize, prevent and report human trafficking.

HB 756 and SB 614, sponsored by Delegate Les Adams and Senator Bill Stanley, provide Commonwealth prosecutors with more information to protect communities from violent criminals.

HB 342, sponsored by Delegate Marcus Simon, removes obsolete language related to teletype systems no longer used by Virginia State Police.


HB 67, sponsored by delegate James Edmunds, provides for more road safety.

HB 179 and SB 186, sponsored by Delegate Rob Bloxom and Senator Emmett Hanger, close the loophole on agricultural signs.

HB 667, sponsored by Delegate Will Wampler, designates “Staff Sergeant Darrell “Shifty” Powers Memorial Highway in the Town of Clinchco.

HB 703, sponsored by delegate Mark Keam, grants localities the option of paying fees associated with specialty license plates instead of prepaid applications.

HB 1050, sponsored by Delegate Jay Leftwich, allows for an alternative driver’s license issuance ceremony.

HB 1363, sponsored by Delegate Terry Austin, designates Norvel Lafellette Ray Lee Memorial Highway in Botetourt County.


HB 741, sponsored by delegate Rob Bell, requires local schools to create a detailed and accurate floor plan for school safety audits.

HB 246 and SB 596, sponsored by Delegate Terry Kilgore and Senator Todd Pillion, allow excused absences for students participating in 4-H educational programs.

HB 1146, sponsored by Delegate Rob Bell, authorizes government entities such as community colleges to train and test commercial driver licenses.

HB 418, sponsored by delegate Karrie Delaney, streamlines the at-risk supplemental program established by Section 22.1-199.1 of the Virginia Code to remove a program that evidence shows does not make up for the main deficits of young readers in difficulty.

good government

HB 449, sponsored by Delegate David Bulova, allows auctioneers or auction houses licensed in Virginia to transport personal property seized or taken outside the locality of origin.

HB 733 and SB 316, sponsored by Delegate Rob Bell and Senator Dave Marsden, clarify the circumstances of record sharing for children receiving coordinated services.

HB 470 & SB 197, sponsored by Delegate David Bulova and Senator Monty Mason, clarifies the powers of homeowners associations.

HB 1019 and SB 444, sponsored by Delegate Emily Brewer and Senator Jennifer Boysko, are accelerating the rollout of broadband on state-owned properties.

HB 774 & SB 499, sponsored by Delegate Keith Hodges and Lynwood Lewis, creates a task force to analyze the life cycle of renewable energy installations.


HB 598, sponsored by Delegate Cliff Hayes, streamlines the certification of surgical technologists.

HB 1345, sponsored by Delegate Matthew Fariss, adds the King’s Daughters Children’s Hospital to membership in the Virginia Transplant Council.

HB 555, sponsored by Delegate Cliff Hayes, allows healthcare providers to electronically notify patients of the transfer of patient records.

HB 738 and SB 691, sponsored by Delegate Rob Bell and Senator Monty Mason, require a court order for an assessment of a defendant’s fitness to stand trial to be provided to the Department of Behavioral Health and Human Services of development

SB103, sponsored by Senator Lionell Spruill, Sr., supports economic development by updating the provisions of the Shipping and Logistics Headquarters Grant Program that was originally created in 2021.

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