How Spain advanced social rights in 2021. Image: Pixabay

As 2021 ends amid yet another wave of Covid, we cannot forget the progress of social rights in Spain by 2022.

2021 is ending, a year marked by the Covid pandemic and its new normal. Although the main protagonist has been SARS-Cov-2, we cannot forget that many other things have happened which have enabled us to move forward in social rights this year.

Things like a euthanasia law that regulates the right to die, a trans law that allows free gender self-determination, and an animal welfare law that plans to veto the sale of pets. in stores were approved this year.

Javier Serrano, the first euthanized

On June 25, the organic law regulating euthanasia entered into force. From that day on, anyone who meets the necessary clinical conditions can apply for assistance in dying. This law came about after decades of struggle by various groups and associations, and whose premise is to exercise the right “to a good death”.

Javier Serrano, a patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), was the first person to be euthanized in Spain.

A trans right and a guarantee of LGTBI rights

After several months of intense negotiations with its government partners on the debate on gender self-determination, the Ministry of Equality presented on June 29 in the Council of Ministers the draft bill for real and effective equality. trans people and to guarantee the rights of LGTBI people.

Recall that during the year 2021 the group announced several attacks, including the murder of young Samuel Liz.

Now trans people over 16 will be able to determine their sex for themselves without the need for hormones or psychiatric reports. They will simply have to go to any vital statistics office, report their disagreement with the assigned sex and request a change. The text also contemplates the recognition of the non-binary genre, among others.

Equality proposes a reform of the law on abortion

Equality Minister Irene Montero also announced that her ministry would focus on sexual and reproductive health policies.

“The law on abortion needs reform,” said the minister, who considered “essential to regulate conscientious objection by doctors” to ensure that any woman can go “to a public hospital close to his home ”to access an abortion.

In September, Carolina Darias announced that the Ministry of Health would not regulate conscientious objection in the voluntary termination of pregnancy, but asked to be able to “reconcile and respect” all rights.

Sanchez announces aid of € 250 to young people for rentals

On another note, the government began dealing with a housing law in October, which is expected to be debated in Congress in February of next year.

Undoubtedly, the most innovative measure of this broad law is the rent regulation mechanism, as it is the first time that an intervention measure on the rental market at the state level has been implemented. Spain. Pedro Sanchez’s announcement of economic rent aid of € 250 per month for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 with incomes of up to € 23,725 also sparked heated debate.

Mental health in the spotlight

In a year with the pandemic at the center, mental health has received more visibility than ever. On December 2, the Interterritorial Health Council approved the new Mental Health Strategy from 2021 to 2026, which emphasizes the prevention of suicidal behavior and the detection and assistance to children and adolescents against bullying, cyber addictions and cyberstalking or domestic violence.

Work has been done on animal rights

Finally, the law on animal welfare prepared by the Ministry of Social Rights and which still does not have a planned date of entry into force, plans to ban cockfighting – still in force in two autonomous communities – , the veto to sacrifice abandoned animals, control mechanisms for breeding and selling or banning animals in circuses, among many other measures.

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