Activists from different animal rights organizations have formed a human chain to protest the killing of 18 dogs by poisoning at Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST).

Several organizations including People for Animal Welfare Foundation (PAW), Kushtia Rescue Team for Stray Animals, Nature of Bangladesh participated in the human chain formed outside the Jessore Press Club at 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

Activists said that although there is a law on the killing of animals, the university administration does not care.

He had committed a heinous act by poisoning 18 dogs, they said, demanding punishment for those involved in the incident.

On September 28, 18 dogs were killed on campus by the injection of trained dog exterminators, activists alleged.

However, university authorities denied any knowledge of the incident.

Vice-Chancellor Anwar Hossain said the university administration had not allowed anyone to kill dogs because the High Court had banned it.

“Sometimes we give dogs rabies shots if they behave violently. No one has filed a complaint for killing dogs,” he said.

Meanwhile, students said the capture of dogs began on campus on September 28.

They alleged that city workers arrived on the scene and began injecting the dogs with something. When the dogs fell unconscious, they were buried in a large pit inside the university, the students claimed.