Humane Society of West Michigan has a long history of promoting the humane treatment and responsible care of animals in West Michigan.

The organization was originally known as the Humane Society of Kent County and was first organized in 1883 by a group of citizens who shared a concern about abused, neglected and homeless animals. This compassionate group housed the animals in their homes and veterinary clinics until the first shelter was built in 1944.

Due to a fire in this first shelter, the Humane Society moved in 1969 to 1890 Bristol Road NW in Grand Rapids. The move was a big step forward for homeless animals and the Humane Society, as it dramatically improved its ability to serve as a safe haven for neglected, abused and unwanted pets.

February 2001 brought an equally significant move to a new, larger facility at 3077 Wilson Drive NW in Grand Rapid, the current location of HSWM. Located on 28 acres in a 21,500 square foot facility, the refuge has been generously funded by individual and corporate donors. In 2015, the cattery enrichment project was completed, for the benefit of the health and happiness of our cat populations.

With the incredible support of Cathy and Mark Bissell and a number of great donors, an additional 500 square feet were added to the cattery, two more cattery living spaces were created in our lobby, a window placed in the crate cat and larger cages have been installed. for our cats in the medical room.

The Humane Society of West Michigan serves Kent County, other Michigan counties, and other overcrowded states with pets in need of homes.

We are our region’s premier animal welfare organization, with a vision to build a healthy, safe and compassionate community where all animals receive the care they deserve. Through education, example, placement and protection, we strive to provide pets and those who care for them with education, expertise and resources to ensure proper care. the highest quality to animals in our region.

The demand for our services continues to grow at a high rate. In partnership with more than 300 active community volunteers, we are:

  • Passionate about animals and their care
  • Committed to ending pet overpopulation
  • Dedicated to the placement of homeless animals in permanent homes
  • Animal protection advocates
  • Our region’s premier educator of children and adults on the humane treatment of animals
  • Focused on behavioral training and support for adopters through behavioral consultations, behavioral courses and a dedicated behavioral service
  • Making sure to end pet overpopulation by neutering and neutering shelter animals, we provide the best possible medical and behavioral care.

With a dedicated staff of 45 part-time and full-time employees, and an annual budget fully supported by charitable donations from our community, we work tirelessly to care for the animals in our care. We distinguish ourselves from other regional animal organizations in that we:

  • Do not euthanize animals for reasons of space or time
  • Offer a full range of educational programs to the public
  • Provide exceptional accommodation care
  • Have a dedicated and extensive animal behavior department with trainers and staff who not only provide animals with nutrition, exercise and love, but also enrichment plans to help animals manage shelter stress (most shelters do not have behavioral staff trained in animal behavior).

With more than 135 years of service to our community, we are proud of the support given to our shelter animals by local foundations, businesses, families and individuals.

To view our adoptable animals, please visit: [], for our signature and monthly events, visit: [], and to donate people can donate here: [].

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