Jordan’s Way visits the American Rescue League in Laurel

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) — Jordan’s Way, a national nonprofit that uses social media to raise money for animal shelters, recently brought the attention of its thousands of followers to the American Rescue League in Laurel.

Elisha Dykes, the director of the rescue, said Laurel was just the latest step for nonprofit founder Jordan Way.

“He travels all 50 states and tries to get as many donations as possible for each shelter,” Dykes said. “Last year he actually raised over three million dollars for shelters nationwide, and our shelter was chosen for this event.”

The shelter worked with Jordan’s Way on a social media campaign featuring American Rescue League board members, staff and community members tackling different challenges and games to attract attention. attention of donors and attracting donations.

“We had tortilla challenges,” Dykes said. “Some board members had to eat dog treats to see how they tasted. We’ve taken the crack egg challenge on the head. We were locked in the cages; we had to have a bailout challenge. We had an ice bucket challenge. It was a ton of fun here yesterday.

The event also showcased adoptable animals and brought back past adopters.

“It was heartwarming to see our past adopters come along, because it shows the community that they are still supporting us even after the adoption,” Dykes said.

The American Rescue League continues to accept campaign donations for six more days to hopefully reach its $20,000 goal.

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