There are a lot of storylines to debate in this game, but for some reason the main one seems to generate the most agreement: JT Miller may have just had the most casual five-pass game in the history of the NHL.

I don’t know if it was because the Arizona Coyotes invited the cast of the original Mighty Ducks to play for them on Thursday night, or if it was the fact that Miller used EA Sports’ point-goal logic. , but for some reason it looked like the easiest five-point night we’ve ever seen on the ice at Rogers Arena.

It could also be the fact that Alex Chiasson scoring two more goals caught the eye. Or Vasili Podkolzin having a statement game with a three-point night took some of the shine. Or the fact that Quinn Hughes tries to chase notorious 1994 traitor Doug Lidster out of the record books with another three-point night, taking him to 58 points this season.

Or maybe it’s just in Miller’s DNA to be laid back. Occasional goals, occasional assists, occasional freebies. It’s really just the screaming F-bombs that disrupt this narrative.

Whatever the reason, Miller’s affluent five-point nature now puts him at 91 points this season, and with seven games to go, a 100-point season is within reach.

If you thought wringing your hand about what to do with Miller was bad at the deadline, I can’t wait to see what happens in the offseason if Jimothy Timothy drops a hundred to finish the month.