Some of the 1209 adoptable pets at KCPP. // Courtesy of KCPP

the pet adoption craze in 2020 slowed down, and with that comes a large influx of pets into Kansas City shelters. On Wednesday July 7, 84 new pets arrived at the Kansas City Wildlife Project shelter. This brought the shelter’s total to 1,209 pets in their system. In June, KCPP welcomed more than 1,400 pets, the most new pets ever taken care of in a month.

This increase in pets in shelters means the kennels are full. KCPP must now use pop-up kennels in the bedrooms so that the new influx of dogs and cats can still have shelter.

KC Pet Project is busy providing shelter, treatment and love to all of these new pets. But they need our help. The shelter needs more foster homes to help care for the animals in the shelter while awaiting a hopeful adoption. Kittens, puppies, adult dogs, and adult cats can all be placed in foster homes. To register to welcome an animal, fill in this form.


Bella, who wants to be your best friend. // Courtesy of KCPP

Of course, the best way to help KCPP take care of these loving pets is to adopt one or two (or as many as your heart and household can take). To encourage more adoptions, all dogs 30 pounds or more and all adult cats will cost just $ 30 to adopt July 9-18 at the KC Campus for Animal Care, Zona Rosa Adoption Center, and Homes of welcome for pets. Hundreds of adorable and adorable cats and dogs qualify for this 10 day special, and others are available for adoption everyday.

If you can’t adopt or foster a pet, you can still help them find their forever home. Sharing lost and found animals The KCPP website or Facebook page can help them get home faster. Sharing adoptable animals that capture your heart but can’t embrace can help them find a perfect home.

If you need to relocate your pet, you can now register your pet on KC Pet Project website instead of abandoning it at the refuge. Prospective adopters can adopt animals relocated by their current guardians.

KCPP always accepts donations to help them take better care of and adopt their pets. Consider a donation to help them take care of the record number of animals currently in the system. You can also visit the shelter wish list and Amazon Wish List to see the most needed articles from KCPP.

As part of a partnership with KC Pet Project, Field has listed the characteristics of the creatures, where an adoptable pet from the shelter is presented in all its glory. Some of these animals presented are still for adoption. We followed Bella, a sweet and adorable 6 year old retriever and labrador mix for a while now. She has been at the shelter since January 9 and is currently in foster care. We cannot tell you which animal to adopt, but we give our full support to Bella, who enjoys long naps and moderate length walks.


Brock is ready for a loving home. // Courtesy of KCPP

If you like cats, Field I would love to see Brock, a cat named after our editor, in a loving home. Brock the cat is a 3 month old female shorthair domestic mix. She loves long stretches and currently only weighs a pound, so she’s up for any treats.

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