TUCSON (KVOA) – A local woman and her pet faced a difficult situation, in which she believed she would never see her best friend again.

According to the Pima Animal Care Center, Terri brought her dog, Sunny, who had fallen ill after eating “human soup.” The center said the soup was all Terri could give her until her next paycheck.

As Sunny fell ill, Terri decided to abandon him at PACC, as she wanted to “make sure he received the proper vet care.”

The center knew this was not something Terri would take advantage of. Sunny needed to be with Terrie.

The clinic managed to get Sunny back into shape and brought him home to Terri with a donated supply of food.

Due to the recent hardships brought on by the pandemic, PACC knows that pet owners need extra support not only for themselves, but for their pets as well.

The centre’s nonprofit partner Friends of PACC offers support that some pet owners are looking for. For example, one of the nonprofit funds, Keeping Families Together, prevents pets from entering the shelter due to expensive medical needs and various other necessities.

The fund helps people like Terri keep their pets and provides additional supplies such as pet food, leashes, slippers, collars, microchips, vaccines and more.

Recently, the Pima Animal Care Center has been on its heels as pets continue to flow into the center. As of August 20, PACC has recorded that they house a whopping 600 dogs in total. In total, the center accommodates approximately 1,538 pets. This adoption of pets has also limited the amount of space available to PACC to house these pets.

For more information on how to donate to Friends of PACC and help pet owners like Terri, visit friendsofpacc.org.

If you are considering adopting or fostering pets, visit webcms.pima.gov.

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