Commenting on the row of dog walkers, BJP MP and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi said the transfer of the officers was a loss for Delhi.

Maneka Gandhi, BJP MP and animal rights activist. (file photo)

Two days after the Center transferred a couple of bureaucrats following outrage over reports they left a government-run stadium to walk their dog, the BJP MP and animal rights activist, Maneka Gandhi said the transfer was a loss for Delhi.

“We cannot transfer anyone anywhere. Delhi will suffer a loss due to the order and the Center move is a conspiracy,” Gandhi said.

“Also, Ladakh and Arunachal are places people go to happily. Why are these places treated as punishment stations? These places also need good officers,” the MP said.

Asked about Trinamool Congress’ Mahua Moitra’s tweet, “Transfer is NOT just a disciplinary option available to errant officers,” Gandhi said, “I know IAS couple Sanjeev Khirwar and Rinku Dugga very well. The allegations made against them are fake.They are talented and honest bureaucrats.When Khirwar was secretary of the environment department, Delhi took advantage.

“Not only do they listen to the problems, but they also try to solve them,” added the activist.

In a photo that went viral this week, IAS couple Sanjeev Khirwar and Rinku Dugga were seen walking their dog on a running track inside Delhi’s Thyagraj Stadium. The athletes alleged they were told to empty the stadium by 7 p.m. because bureaucrats then walked their pet.

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The closure of Thyagraj Stadium for sporting activities earlier than usual so that Khirwar can walk his dog around the facility has sparked widespread criticism and demands for strict action.

In a swift action, the Union Home Ministry on Thursday ordered Delhi Principal Secretary (Revenue) Sanjeev Khirwar to be transferred to Ladakh and his bureaucrat wife Rinku Dugga to Arunachal Pradesh with immediate effect.