Dozens of dogs dressed in fancy red, white and blue outfits and accessories showed up with their human companions for the Patriot Paw Parade on Saturday morning in downtown Aiken.

Attendees gathered at Vic and Sheri Scarborough’s Downtown Dog store before heading north on Laurens Street to Barnwell Avenue.

Then they turned around and headed back to Downtown Dog, where doggy ice cream was served.

“It’s so much fun getting together with people with dogs, dressing the dogs up for vacations and going for walks,” said Laurie Neely of Windsor.

She and her husband, Ray, were walking down Laurens Street with their beagle, Coppertop, and their long haired German Shepherd, Lefty.

A vizsla named Dolly took home the award for best costume, a Downtown Dog gift basket filled with canine toys and treats.

Dolly wore a hat, tank top and tutu. Her ensemble also included a bandana and necklaces.

In addition, there were deely-bobbers on his back.

“She loves to show off,” said Dr Eva Bogner. “I thought there would be some cute little puppies that would give him a hard time. That’s why we went a little further. Everything is held together by safety pins.

Her husband, Geoffrey, and another vizsla named Credence also accompanied Bogner, who is a local vet.

Credence only wore a bandana because “he doesn’t tolerate clothing very well,” Bogner said.

In Jessica Miner-Sharp’s party were her brother, Hunter Davila, a mix of dogs named Phoebe, and a cat named Diego, who rode in a stroller.

“Diego comes downtown a bit,” Miner-Sharp said. “He is very sociable. He will be working with me in a vet clinic every day so he is not afraid of dogs. He kayaked and he hiked. We do a lot of things with him.

Other participants in the early July 4th parade included a bull terrier named Lincoln, who wore a “Super Dog” outfit, and a basset hound named Tucker, who wore an Uncle Sam-style hat and climbed into a stroller decorated with cubs. American patterns. flags, garlands and a bow.

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