A school in Worcester has welcomed a new puppy in an effort to improve students’ mental health.

Charlie, a 15-week-old beagle, is the newest member of Oldbury Park Primary School, and staff and pupils say he is already part of the school family.

Parents and guardians have also shared their support for Charlie and the impact he has had on their children, with some taking to social media to share how excited their child is to have Charlie at school.

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“The kids were thrilled to tell the whole family about ‘their’ dog Charlie and he seems like a very fitting new member of the school family,” said mum Emma, ​​whose three children attend the school.

“He’s made ‘hot chocolates with the principal’ (a school reward) all the more appealing as they come with a plate of puppy cuddles and has made school even more of a home for my children.”

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The pup, who lives with Principal Lee Card, was brought to school to comfort vulnerable children and help those who need extra emotional support.

It also helps teach them about shared responsibility and animal care.

Year 5 student Lucius enjoyed a quiet session with Charlie and when asked what he had heard he replied, “I can hear the birds in the trees and the love coming out of Charlie.”

Sixth grader Grace used her pocket money to buy Charlie a new ball. She said: “Charlie is a very happy dog. He loves all the children and you can always count on him. He has brought a lot of happiness to Oldbury Park School and he is our loving pet and part of our family. family.”

Staff at the school, which is part of the Central Region Schools Trust and is based on Oldbury Road, say adding Charlie to the school community has enabled them to continue to improve their ‘Hearts and Minds’ personal development offering. , which strives to ensure every child is supported in all aspects of their school life.

Principal Lee Card said: “Charlie has been a wonderful addition to our growing school community, not only has he already provided vital support to some of our students, but his presence has created a buzz positive around the school.

“Supporting our students and their families is extremely important to ensuring they are able to succeed and thrive, which is why we are always looking for innovative and exciting ways to expand our pastoral welfare offering. “

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