Publication date: 08/24/2021

Protesters in Galicia demand the right to take dogs to the beach at any time

The issue of bringing dogs to beaches in Spain continues to be the cause of controversial arguments, discussions and legislation year after year, and while in some coastal areas the designation of certain “dog-friendly beaches” ( generally quite off the beaten track) has served to calm the controversy to some extent, not everyone is happy with the situation.

(Click here to a list of dog-friendly beaches in the region of Murcia)

Dog owners who can take their pets for early morning seaside walks on virtually abandoned beaches for 10 months of the year are often upset when reprimanded for doing the exact same thing in July. and in August, while on the other hand, there are people who are really so averse to dogs that they can’t enjoy a beach if a dog is let loose within 100 yards. Both views are understandable, but there are people who take both to extremes and therefore there are always conflicts on a daily basis.

Animal rights activists demand full dog access to Spanish beaches

Among the supporters of the dog owner’s point of view are the PACMA Animal Rights Party, which held a demonstration on Sunday at Riazor beach in La Coruña (Galicia) require full beach access rights for dogs at all times. The 50 or so people attending the event argue that there is no scientific evidence that the dogs pose a threat to the health of bathers, and as they walked along the waterfront, they displayed signs with slogans such as “Las collillas no son suyas” (butts are not theirs).

PACMA’s argument is that the acceptability of dogs on beaches does not depend on the dogs but on the attitude of the owners, and that as “members of the family” dogs should be allowed to visit the beach with them. other members of the household. For this reason, they propose that the law prohibiting dogs on all beaches, except those officially designated, be amended and that fines be applicable only in cases where the owner has not controlled his animal. responsible manner.

Image 1: PACMA

Image 2: Murcia today


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