Activists in and around Mysuru led a campaign promoting veganism and the need to avoid cruelty to animals.

The ‘Feel Their Pain’ event was held near Chikka Gadiyara on Saturday and the challenge was for the public to sit in a cage or crate for as long as they could, to feel the pain of the animals attached.

The event was organized by the pan-Indian collective, Vegan India Movement, and volunteers from 15 towns across India took to the streets to raise awareness about animal abuse.

Volunteers released footage of the type of abuse animals face in different industries and spoke with people about veganism.

Organizers said the footage gives a glimpse of the ongoing suffering and cruel death caused by the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation and more.

“Veganism is not a dietary choice, but a social justice movement that recognizes that animals are sentient beings and therefore should not be treated as commodities – not just for food (which includes meat, produce dairy and eggs), but also all the other means in which they are exploited – for clothing (silk, wool, leather), entertainment (circuses and zoos), experimentation, etc.,” Mr. Nitin, one of the organizers of the event.

Anyone who has spent time with animals knows that each animal has an individual personality similar to humans and that they too value their family, freedom and life, he added.