OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – The Nebraska Humane Society is unveiling an all-new $ 14 million facility aimed at transforming the way the public sees, accesses and interacts with adoptable animals.

With additional and improved space, cats, dogs and critters will benefit from more amenities to help them relax and stay comfortable while waiting for their forever home.

“We’re excited to finally be reopened so the public can just come browse the animals and see if there’s anyone here they want to take home,” said Pam Wiese, spokesperson for Nebraska. Humane Society.

“It’s amazing that this is a state of the art place now compared to what it was before it was a kennel. Now it is an establishment that people love to come to. The animals are very comfortable here, it’s very obvious, ”said Steve Hansen.

“People really love the new habitats, especially with dogs. They have large kennels, but the kennels are in smaller pods. So when the animals… one starts barking, maybe two or three barks instead of 25 like before, ”Wiese said.

“This place is awesome. I can not believe it. I think Omaha is doing everything right, ”said Craig Rudolf.

“I love the cat areas,” said one visitor.

Another visitor added: “We fell in love with one that everyone loved. And then our kids fell in love with another and I said let’s not make the process difficult, let’s take both,” said the visitor, Scott Fangman.

“Oh my God, it’s amazing and I didn’t know we could interact with cats like this until we walked in. It’s really nice that you can actually come and see them in their surroundings and pet them and get a feel personality and stuff, ”said Michelle Caples.

“It’s absolutely beautiful and everyone is so professional. The way they integrate technology with the process makes it all run really smoothly and they do a really good job of managing expectations, ”said Fangman.

“I’m so excited to see people’s faces. It’s so nice to see people smile again and we’re a place that brings a lot of smiles when people interact with kittens and dogs and it’s really great to see people, ”said Wiese.

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