A local man’s desire to document his son’s life turned into a passion for photography. (Courtesy of Jeff Reichart)

Jeff Reichert’s passion for photography began with his love for his son.
“I bought my first DSLR when my son was four to better document his life,” said the Lake Waccamaw resident. “From there it became a photographer’s love to capture beauty in every way – a unique sunset, eight-year-olds playing soccer or a busy day at the fishing pier. It was about getting that perfect shot.

The New York native was born in Point Pleasant, NJ, the birthplace of Jersey Mike’s Subs. He put down roots in Wilmington years ago, but decided the atmosphere just wasn’t right for the quiet life he wanted to lead. In 2016, he moved to Lake Waccamaw, and was quickly surprised by the beauty of the surroundings.

“I am surrounded by both natural beauty and interesting people,” Reichert said.

His photographs caught the attention of local school officials and he was invited to sporting events to capture highlights featured in school yearbooks. He also enjoys taking photos of historic places in the county such as Vineland Train Station and the Old Columbus County Courthouse. He will soon begin photographing adoptable animals at Columbus County Animal Welfare Services to help unwanted dogs and cats find new homes.

Vineland Station, by Jeff Reichart.

Although his niche seems to be sports photography, he says his favorite part of the process is being able to use his photography to tell any story.

“I use my camera to document the world, then print pictures with an emphasis on the magic I find in everyday life. My photography tells my stories, ”Reichert wrote on his website, momentspaused.com. The website features some of his photographs and he updates them as often as he can. He exhibits a wide range of work at the site, including landscapes, portraits, wild animals and family photos.

Reichert is available for portraits as well as commissioned artwork. Email [email protected] or call 910.547.6116 for more information.

“Although I aspire to get into professional sports photography,” he said, “I will always have the passion to capture the beauty of life.”

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