Niabi Zoo & Forest Preserves Foundation matches donations to Ukrainian zoological park

COAL VALLEY, Ill. (KWQC) – The Niabi Zoo & Forest Preserves Foundation will match $1,000 in donations to the Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve.

“Members of the Niabi Zoo & Forest Preserves Foundation have, like all of us, watched events unfold in Ukraine since the Russian invasion on February 24 this year,” Niabi Zoo said in a press release. . “No one can watch this destruction unfold and not be touched by the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in real time before our eyes. While the Niabi Zoo & Forest Preserves Foundation is deeply concerned about the humanitarian cost of this senseless war, we are in a much better position to support animal welfare assistance.

Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve operates a zoological garden and Saiga Biosphere Reserve, a Unesco heritage site, Niabi Zoo said. The reserve’s biodiversity includes more than 500 plant species and more than 3,000 animal species.

The zoo said the reserve also holds the only known captive saiga antelope in the world, making this herd extremely important for the conservation of the species.

The Aksania Nova Biosphere is located in Kherson Oblast, northern Crimea, and is managed by the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Niabi Zoo said. Aksania Nova is a highly targeted and strategic military area.

The Niabi Zoo & Forest Preserves Foundation said it will work with the Zoological Association of America to get donated funds where they are needed.

To donate to the said zoo visit the Niabi Zoo website, after choosing a donation amount, use the drop-down menu under “Apply my donation to” and select “Ukraine Fund“.

The zoo said donations can also be mailed to Niabi Zoological Park at 13010 Niabi Zoo Road Coal Valley, IL 61240. The zoo asks to write “Ukraine Fund” on the memo line of the check.

The zoo said the ZAA website also has a place to donate when you put Aksania in the comment box.

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