The expectant beagle couple were found homeless in Adams County, Ohio, a week before Christmas. They now have a house.

Ohio Division of Wildlife Photo

The canine version of a Christmas miracle is played out in Ohio.

Familiar details include a pregnant couple traveling the roads alone, no hostel rooms, and a wise man carrying gifts.

“While on his way home one night, Adams County Wildlife Officer Gus Kiebel found two beagles on the road,” the Wildlife Division published. Ohio Dec. 17 on Facebook.

“Fearing they would be run over by a vehicle, Constable Kiebel and another driver grabbed the dogs and put them in his patrol truck to warm up.

“Unable to reach an owner, Constable Kiebel brought the dogs home to feed them and keep them warm for the night,” the message said. “The next morning, Constable Kiebel discovered that the female was pregnant.”

It later became clear that the dogs were on the road that night because they had been abandoned, the state reported.

Realizing that there was no happy reunion in the works, Kiebel and his wife contacted a non-profit shelter and found a place for the dogs, including veterinary care.

Then the rest of the community intensified.

The beagles were adopted as a couple “and renamed Johnny & June,” presumably as a tribute to country singer Johnny Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash.

The new owners have not been identified. And the state hasn’t said if the puppies are due for Christmas.

“We hope they will soon be hunting rabbits,” the division added.

The Facebook post included a photo of the two dogs curled up together in Kiebel’s truck. The message received 4,400 responses and over 280 comments, some of which noted similarities to the biblical journey of the Nativity of Joseph and Mary.

“Well, that’s familiar! Angel Heilman wrote on Facebook.

“Perfect ending,” said Angelia An.

“It touched my heart,” said Virginia Metheny.

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