Pet Central helps you! (PCH) is partnering with PetSmart Charities to host an adoption event for National Adoption Week, Monday through November 14.

The adoption event will take place Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the PetSmart at 1606 E. Empire St. in Bloomington.

PCH is an animal rescue without killing that aims to help animals find their homes forever.

“We’re a pretty progressive animal shelter in that we don’t think income alone is a reliable source of who will be a great fit for a pet,” said Stephanie Buhrow, PCH staff member.

“We focus a lot on keeping animals and people together, so if there is something wrong, we try to work with that family to try to make it work for them.”

PetSmart Charities provides pet homes, provides funds to other organizations that focus on providing pets, and helps provide better access to veterinary care, pet food and supplies.

PCH will be bringing all of its adoptable pets to the event. Participants can complete applications and adopt a pet.

“We will have adult puppies and dogs, as well as kittens and cats,” Buhrow said.

“People can come and meet them and then we can do adoptions on the same day. If they come to the event [and] meet a pet they fall in love with, we can have the request online on their phone, then we can do the adoption processing and all that at the event. Buhrow continued.

In addition, there will be a bake and face painting sale where participants can choose the price of goods and services. A fall photo booth will be available for attendees to take photos with their families and pets. All proceeds will go to PCH.

PetSmart Charities encourages participants to consider adopting an adult or senior pet, as they don’t get as much attention as puppies and kittens.

Buhrow said adoption events are important because they allow potential adopters to interact directly with animals.

“Read on [the animals] is one thing, and seeing pictures of them is one thing, but actually meeting them [is different]”Said Buhrow.” We just want to get to know our animals and make them meet the families who could be their forever home. “

To learn more about the organization and other upcoming events, visit the PCH website website and PetSmart charities website.

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