There are different adoption fees for those who wish to adopt a dog or cat from Animal Services. The adoption fee for any adult dog or puppy is $ 125. The adoption fee for any adult cat or kitten is $ 90.

Animal Services also offers welcome programs for community members to help the animals in the shelter, without having to make a lifelong commitment.

In a previous News Herald article, Lindsay Stump, Coordinator of Animal Services, encouraged the community to participate in foster care programs.

“Our hospitality program is great and it’s really easy to get started with us,” Stump said. “The things we need in regards to the documents are a copy of a valid ID with an address and phone number. People will also need to read and sign our hosting agreement, as the paperwork takes around five minutes. The welcome is free and we will send you all the supplies you may need. If you house cats, litter boxes, litter and food and the same for dogs. We can send a case if we have a case available, but this is not always the case.

“We’re looking for donated cases and that sort of thing for our hospitality program to keep doing that. We will provide you with whatever you might need right now. We just ask foster families that they are able to transport the animal to either the vet or our home for up-to-date vaccines and deworming, that sort of thing. They must therefore have a means of transport.

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